Why Real Estate?

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Why did you get into Real Estate?

Was it because…

You wanted to help people live the American dream

Do something part-time while the kids are in school

Bring in a little extra income as a “side hustle”

To invest in properties for yourself

You thought you could do what that Realtor with all the signs around town was doing and it looked easy.

Or perhaps you wanted to be your own boss.

Well whatever your reason is you probably didn’t think it would be so hard… And DEMANDING …

And taking you away from all of your weekends with open houses…

And late nights doing listing presentations …

And writing offers …

And long days farming neighborhoods …

They don’t advertise all of that when you sign up to get your real estate license.

They probably told you that you would get to be your own boss and earn an unlimited amount of income.

And now that COVID entered the equation.

You’ve had to even reinvent parts of the wheel to find your footing in all of this.

And things just got umpteen times crazier.

As an entrepreneur, you probably didn’t realize all of the things you would have to do to be successful And by the time you do all of those things you are probably exhausted …

And not thinking about your taxes or your finances.

Which is a HUGE MISTAKE!

And here’s the thing…

As a business owner, you are supposed to pay yourself last …


What happens is you pay your photographer, stager, and other contractors first …

And then you pay yourself …

And then Uncle Sam gets paid last.

When tax time comes most are going to face the same uphill battle once again.


Because most are not looking forward to what they can do now, but instead are looking back to what they wish they had done differently.

How are you supposed to save for retirement, your kid’s college education, or that dream home for yourself, if you owe the IRS? That’s right, you can’t!

Uncle Sam isn’t going to wait until cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s before he collects. As a matter of fact, you could be living paycheck to paycheck, and the IRS will still find a way to squeeze you for every penny.

I know taxes and finances are the last thing anyone wants to think about.

We just came off of the longest tax season, I get it.

And even though the new tax season is practically around the corner.

Talking about taxes and finances are too painful and exhausting.

They shouldn’t be but they are.

Denial isn’t going to make taxes disappear, and delaying the conversation is more like … Kicking a ticking time bomb down the road.

Eventually, time will tick down to doomsday if you are not PROACTIVE to seek help and … Set yourself on the right course Before it’s Tax Season.